The most effective way to teach English, or any other foreign language is to employ a qualified teacher who speaks it as his/her native language. Where this is not possible, the next best alternative is to use a 'native, speaker's voice as a model to teach. This is because all language learning, especially in the spoken form, takes place mainly through imitation. Although 'perfection' may hardly be ever possible in learning a foreign language, it is still within the reach of any average learner to acquire a ' near-native' proficiency in the language. This can be achieved if appropriate techniques are used to give the learner sufficient systematic exposure to 'native' material in a well-organised form. This is exactly what a language Laboratory does. The language laboratory method, perfected by decades of research, is used the world over as an integral part of language teaching programmes in teaching English and other foreign languages. Glottophone System TLL-4 is versatile. It is cost -effective, easy to operate and user- friendly. Maintenance service is readily available. We provide academic support in the form of assistance in choosing course materials and training teachers. Glottophone Systems is in partnership with "eLangLab", USA in India.