Glottophone Language Laboratory System -TLL4 uses LangLab, by far the best language Laboratory Software available today. Originally developed for use at the University of California, Berkeley, U S A., LangLab is now available for use all over the world.
Create or Compile your own courses/lessons at leisure following a few easy steps. You decide what to teach, not the software provider. Have any number of lessons stored in the server for future use, modifying and reorganizing them as often as you want. LangLab makes it easy to combine and deliver the whole spectrum of resources-audio, video, images and text. You import and adapt existing content from any source e.g CD, tape, create your own content, link to lessons any resources accessible as Web pages or as files on a server or on the student's own computer (e.g., on a CD or DVD). Students can view video clips, images, or documents; listen to audio clips and record responses during programmed pauses (or record without prompts); read textual material and written questions in a special text window; and type answers from multiple choice to essay answers in responses boxes. Instructiors can combine these tools to create varied, compelling, and effective lesson activities and tests that integrate skills, embed language in its cultural context, and make it fun for students to learn. Working at their own pace, students absorb and react to materials that engage them through frequent oral and written response. Students practice, individuality or in pairs or groups, with support from the teacher through both real-time monitoring and later evaluation and targeted feedback (comments teachers insert at any spot in recordings). There is much more to LangLab than Language Learning. Langlab's usefulness extends beyond language teaching to paperless instruction in any subject with written work, to organized oral practice to help students prepare for class discussion, and to recorded discussion in pairs or group in any subject. Use it for training in music and speech making .. Your imagination is your limit!